NCPA Show at Warren Farm....

NCPA Show at Warren Farm....

Sorry for the delay in the write up but some kind person (not intent on getting our Facebook page removed) decided to hack our website. We have sorted the website issue but think that the easiest solution will be to start a new Facebook page.


So it was off to another socially distanced show, this time the NCPA Open Show at Warren Farm which was INCREDIBLY busy. We started the day with Millie and Springwater Angus in the Novice M&M First Ridden and they notched up yet another win. Hattie was having another go in the M&M First Ridden class on Newoak Balladier and this time she remembered the show and got 2 canters on the right leg and finished 2nd- we think she was very pleased with herself. Sophie and Indian Prince were then in a huge coloured class up against only adults and gave a brilliant show to finish 3rd.

Victoria and Firecrest C were having their first try at ‘Horse classes’ and we honestly hadn’t expected there to be 14 in it with a wide variety of Riding Horses, Cobs and Hunters, however after a lovely go round and a very polished show they won. We were very proud of how Victoria rode and very pleased with this result- especially given she was the youngest in the class.

It was then the turn of the minis and Harriet and Chaseford Actor won their Lead Rein class and then Florrie and Brookwater Tom Thumb matched this with a win in the First Ridden.

Then to finish the day off Millie and Field Aston Royal Fanfare were 3rd in the mixed height Open Show Pony and then Millie finished 2nd in the mixed height Open Show Hunter Pony with Greendown Mandolin. After getting soaked in the morning the weather turned lovely and for the rest of the day we basked in sunshine, however being in the first and last class of the day resulted in some very tired ponies and adults arriving back home in the dark – we are definitely not back into the swing of long days yet!

Lastly a shout out to Laura for finally sitting and passing her driving test on the first time – you have only been telling us you were going to take it for over 10 years but now you have finally done it – WELL DONE!