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Abbie has been part of the Team since 2010 and the last few years she has made the progression onto work riding. She has had a vast amount of success from lead rein right through to 14 handers, winning many titles including Supreme at Horse of the Year Show. Abbie was completing a Diploma in hairdressing and combining working part time with continuing to be show groom.


Name – Abbie Farmer

Age – 17

Where are you from – Birmingham

Dream Job ? I’d love to be a jockey but I’m too tall so I suppose hairdressing will have to do.

Favourite Show?  Royal International Horse Show

Favourite holiday or best place you have ever been? 

Benidorm  🤣

If you were allowed anyone in the world (alive or dead) to join you while we are on lockdown, who would you pick?

Dawn Phillips

If you were to be a cartoon character which one would you be?

Someone from Frozen as its the best film. Probably Anna.

Favourite music / singer?

Ed Sheehan & RnB

Name 3 things you would like to do this summer?

Celebrate my birthday, go on holiday to the Maldives to be precise and see my friends.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Be able to mute people.

Interesting fact people may not know about you?

I’m not very interesting but I can twist my tongue.

Finally what do you think is in outer space?

I think there is another world up there full of aliens 😂 It has all the planets up there as well I think?

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