field aston stud

field aston stud

The History

The idea of Field Aston Stud was borne after a particularly disheartening pony shopping trip, where we were simply not able to find anything of the right type and quality to buy. Hence we thought, if we cant buy them we may as well try and breed them!

When we started out Julie was adamant that ‘Fools breed for wise men to buy’ and maybe she was right! It has not been easy and mostly not profitable, however the enjoyment it has brought us both and the pride we have of the ones we have bred more than makes up for the heartache and the expense. While we are very proud of Field Aston stud we can only take a little of the credit as there are a lot of people who have been incredible in giving of their time and expertise, without Jill and David’s (Rhos Stud ) and Sharon’s (Carrhouse Stud) continued support and care we wouldn’t have a stud to continue. We know that they treat our horses and ponies like their own and take an equal amount of pride in their progress and success.

our broodmares and their progeny

Rhos Elise

by Derwent Rainbow Bandit out of Rhos Eloise (2003)

Rhos Elise (Ella) at the time was being ridden by Poppy Duncalf and was having a very successful under saddle career. However we felt she had all the correct components to be an amazing broodmare. We approached Andrew Pitman and Debbie Porter to enquire about using Cusop Dimension. Ella took straight away but unfortunately after her first scan we found out that she was carrying twins, we had no choice than to instruct the vet to proceed with terminating one to try to save the other. We still laugh as Julie instructed the vet ‘Can you make sure you keep the HOYS winner’. Our first foal in 2011 called Field Aston Royal Fanfare (Stable name – Poppy after Ella’s only jockey) from the minute she stood up we all thought we had something special. She had an aloof temperament right from the start as as she was Ella’s first foal, she was so foal proud and treated her like an absolute Princess. To this day Poppy still believes she is that Princess! And to us she is, she qualified for the Cuddy as a 3 year old on her first time at a show and was placed 5th in the final, she was 2nd at HOYS in 2016 with Sam Walker and then went onto win HOYS in 2017 with Alexandra McDowall.

Ella then went onto have Field Aston Kir Royale by Cusop Dimension in 2013. Jill and David  purchased a colt from Andrew and Debbie called Whiteleaze Democrat and we decided that we should use him next. The result in 2016 was a beautiful and healthy bay filly called Field Aston Spotlight (Dolly), we were so delighted with her that we all decided to use him again and in 2017 Ella gave birth to another healthy bay filly this time Field Aston Diamente. In 2018 she gave birth to another- yes you guessed it bay filly Called Field Aston Dreamcatcher. We had let the kids choose some of the names and Duncan had picked Ark Royal after the naval ship at the offset, however he had a long wait to name a colt but finally in 2019 she gave birth to her first ever colt and Dunk promptly named him Field Aston Ark Royal. Onto 2020 and a very strange year with the Corona virus and lockdown, however Ella hasn’t let us down and she has delivered another bay filly. As the rainbow has become a symbol of support for people showing solidarity with NHS workers on the front line, we decided that it was appropriate to name her Field Aston Rainbow

Our progeny from Rhos Elise

Equus Petit Pois

by equus ports out of lintel clair (2006)

We bought a lovely Section B mare called Equus Petit Pois (Pea) with the intention of her being a M&M First Ridden, she was a beautiful pattern and a real mover. Unfortunately she had an accident in the field and had to have her eye removed, hence her showing career was over before it had begun. We discussed with Jill and David the option of her being put in foal to their stallion, the prolific Derwent Rainbow Bandit. Her first foal in 2013 was was a grey colt- Field Aston Highwayman (Dick Turpin)We had used Whiteleaze Democrat on Ella, so decided to try him with Pea and the result was an outstanding bay colt called Field Aston Musketeer (D’artagnan) born in 2017.  Happily she had a healthy chestnut filly in 2019 called Field Aston Petit or Squiggle due to the marking on her face as a foal. This has now gone but the name Squiggle remains!

Our progeny from equus petit pois

Kavanaghs Ladies Day

by willowcroft regal bronze out of madam marie (2012)

We purchased a beautiful unbroken mare called Kavanghs Ladies Day to make a riding horse for Fiona’s god daughter Caitlin. Unfortunately when being turned out she slipped on ice on the yard and the way she landed caused trauma to her hock and because she couldn’t be shown with the hock like that, we decided to put her in foal. As we have managed to breed a few ponies and the children on our team aren’t getting any smaller, we decided that we should have a try at breeding something bigger. We spoke to Sharon Howarth, a good friend of ours from Carrhouse Stud and decided to use her beautiful stallion Stanleygrange Stateside. We had just been on a fabulous holiday in Venice when her first foal was born, hence the Venice theme. Field Aston Rialto a bay colt was born in 2018 followed by another bay colt in 2019 called Field Aston Ca Sa’Gredo (named after our hotel but Julie maintains no-one will be able to pronounce it!) hopefully both going to be large riding horses.

Our progeny from kavanaghs ladies day