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Francesca has worked part time  for us for 6 years and is involved in all yard duties. She has been around horses all her life, getting her first pony was she was 3 years old up to the present day where she currently owns a Welsh Section D. She achieved her BHS Stage 2 and has worked in several different yard settings from equestrian centres to studs and dressage yards. She is currently working towards her BHS Stage 3 and undertaking dressage training.



Name – Francesca Louise Tomlinson

Age – 26

Where are you from – Muxton, Telford

Dream Job ?

Biomedical Scientist but I would also like to be a professional dressage rider but it is very unlikely that is ever going to happen!

Favourite Show? 

Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International.

Favourite holiday or best place you have ever been? 

Italy on a school history trip and the highlight was walking up Mount Vesuvius, seeing the Colosseum and seeing inside the Vatican in Rome. 

If you were allowed anyone in the world (alive or dead) to join you while we are on lockdown, who would you pick?

Freddie Mercury

If you were to be a cartoon character which one would you be?

Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo, but Im not as clever as her.

Favourite music / singer?

Queen / Freddie Mercury but I also enjoy Abba, although I could really listen to just about any music genre.


Name 3 things you would like to do this summer?

Ride my horse Rebus, go on a diet and visit somewhere different for a change of scenery. (and get back to work!)

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

The ability to turn invisible at any time.

Interesting fact people may not know about you?

I recently joined  the Anthony Nolan stem cell register to donate stem cells from my blood or bone marrow to help someone get the lifesaving transplant they need to cure them of blood cancer.

Finally what do you think is in outer space?

I sort of believe that there are other life forms on planets in different galaxies as surely humans / animals cant be the only living beings to ever exist.

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