It's been a while.....

It's been a while.....

Fiona’s Dad has pointed out that it has been nearly 5 weeks since the last write up. We have packed a serious amount into that time so here goes for a mammoth catch up…..

Just before heading off to the Royal International we had an outing at TSR Summer Show at Onley showground. Ruby and Wycroft-forget-me-not finished with another very respectable placing in the HOYS 138 SP with a 2nd. Grace and Scalacre Eclipse narrowly missed out qualifying once again with another 2nd in the HOYS 133 Show Hunter Pony.

Hattie and Brookwater Tom Thumb were having another run in the Open First Ridden which they won, however the blistering hot temperatures meant that Hattie felt faint and had to miss the championship and drink water at the side of the ring.

Our last class of the day and it was Millie riding Jackets Dynasty in the  HOYS Part Bred class, they gave a beautiful show and finished the day with a win and the Team’s 16th HOYS ticket- Well Done Millie!

It was then off to the Royal International to get the camp all set up and the ponies settled down into their stables. The temperatures had soared and once everyone was parked up the children decided to have a massive water fight. They then built a jumping course, which also involved being intermittently soaked whilst jumping.

However one of the funniest first days we have ever had at the RIHS involved Fiona’s mobility scooter. The minute it arrived in camp everyone wanted a go and then this progressed onto the setting up of a course, which the children had to manoeuvre around whilst being timed. The children were taking it very seriously whilst the adults sat back with a glass of wine in the sun and were thoroughly entertained. Poor Sophie did provide the most laughs when she did too tight a turn and the scooter overturned then to add insult to injury Millie then ran Sophie down on it which provided even more laughs.

The fun had to stop when the heavens opened and we had a torrential thunderstorm – poor Gillian got caught in the middle of it on the way back from the toilets – she did see the funny side of it though!

Onto Show Hunter Pony day and Victoria and Romanno Fandango and Grace and Stretcholt Roulette started the day by both giving lovely shows.  Grace was delighted when she was called forward into 5th spot. While she wasn’t placed on Scalacre Eclipse they went beautifully as did Millie and Greendown Mandolin in the 122 Show Hunter class.

This was Millie Hollis’s first ever International and everyone was a absolutely delighted when they were pulled 2nd in a huge M&M Lead Rein class and although it was a little disappointing that they eventually finished 8th, Millie wasn’t bothered because she got a beautiful rosette and then got to come back into camp and play with ‘her girls’.

Intermediate day, saw both of our combinations -Victoria and Firecrest C and Charlotte and Brindlebrook Prime Suspect give lovely shows and whilst they weren’t rewarded with placings we were delighted for Charlotte and Emma when Bailey was awarded the Best Conditioned award in the Intermediate 153 class.

In the past we have frequently had a roasting hot week at the International and then it has poured on the Sunday and thats exactly what happened this year. The rain started when we all got up as it was getting light and then it got gradually heavier and heavier and heavier as the day went on- suffice to say EVERY member of the Team got absolutely soaked but a particular shame for the little ones.

Millie and Broadgrove Family Silver were pulled a brilliant 2nd in the 128 Show Pony class but unfortunately a blip in the show meant they were out of the placings. However Kate and Royalview Tiara did finish 5th in this class.

We had 3 in the 138 Show Pony class. Ruby at her first ever International was pulled top with Wycroft-forget-me-not and gave beautiful show – it was noted that you smiled like a cheshire cat throughout despite the rain! Florrie and Whiteleaze Debutante gave a lovely show too as did Millie and Jackets Dynasty except for one little blip.

Ruby was announced as the winner, with Team mates Florrie in 5th and Millie in 8th. Ruby was absolutely overwhelmed and a mixture of the clapping and Ruby’s disbelief left Doris a little agitated, unfortunately the judges made the decision not to present the rosette, which did left Ruby devastated but we were very proud that she took it on the chin!

We did write about the situation in the Horse and Hound and want to Thank everyone who messaged or took the time to speak to us about it, hopefully lessons can be learned for the future and in the meantime Lizzie Bunn and the Hickstead team dealt with it brilliantly which means Ruby has her rosette and sash and although she didn’t get to ride in the main arena she will remember the experience for a long time.

So with the RI over for another year it was back on the road for the next HOYS qualifiers, however we did have to buy Julie a new lead rein hat as because she had been in the ring for 3 classes in the rain on Sunday, the hat gathered so much water in the rim, that it fell off as she was walking back to the wagon! In between shows we had a lovely surprise visitation from Kevin and Lisa and with the weather still perfect we had a great night in the garden with the music on at the fire pit.

It was then off to NPS Summer Championships and a bit of a disappointing day all round except for Hattie and Sammy who notched up another win and this time made the Championship to collect the Champions rosette. However Day 2 of the NPS was far more successful – Millie, Julie and Woodend Marigold won a huge HOYS M&M Lead rein class securing Millie’s first ever HOYS ticket and the Teams 17th. Think Mummy Heather shed a few tears at the side of the ring – quite right too- Well Done Millie!!

We then had the unusual treat of having a weekend off so took the opportunity to nip away for a golf break – no horses in sight!

However no shows couldn’t last for long and we were then off to NPS Area 7 at Bury Farm, Grace had qualified Alis her working hunter pony there the day before so we had everything crossed that today was to be her ticket on Scalacre Eclipse after so many near misses. After being pulled top, they stayed to win and finally collect that HOYS ticket and also went onto stand Reserve Show Hunter Pony Champions.

Well Done Grace – we got there in the end!

Straight off to Stoneleigh Horse Show again and today was finally be Victoria’s day to collect her HOYS ticket when she finished 2nd in the 143 Show Hunter class with Romanno Fandango- they also have been so close so we were delighted when she finally collected Team Ticket 19 – as was Victoria and Ann!!

Millie was standing in for Milly on Broadgrove Family Silver and were pulled top in a huge HOYS Part Bred class, the start of the show was a little novicey but the rest was lovely and they finished a credible 2nd- Well done Millie, good job for saying that you had never sat on Katy before!

With the shows finished it was time for Caitlin’s OAP hen holiday which was originally meant to take place in May 2020, postponed to May 2021 and now third time lucky we were heading to Marbella. It started off brilliantly when we got a shout out from Nicky Chapman on Radio 2 on the way to Heathrow, then Caitlin had an extra surprise when Elle was sitting waiting at the table. Overall we had the most brilliant time and really celebrated in style, hopefully us OAP’s proved we can still party,  albeit we now need a holiday to recover from the hen holiday!

Next stop the actual wedding!!!!!!!!!!