By my own admission I wasn’t very academic and wasn’t really interested in school. My Mum and Dad however were adamant I wasn’t leaving until I had achieved some qualifications. When I realised that I required 5 O’Levels to be able to take my BHS AI, I studied, achieved the grades and then promptly left Rainford High School in St Helens and immediately pursued my equestrian career.

BHS exams were a completely different kind of studying and I relished working towards those qualifications. I had already completed my Pony Club test and then in quick succession I got my BHS Stage III then went onto complete my AI and in a relatively short period after this my II. I was the youngest ever candidate to be awarded their BHS Intermediate Instructors certificate at that time in Britain (although I am sure many more have gone onto to get that qualification at the same age since)


I have one sister called Susan who lives in London with her now grown up daughters Ella & Suna. Unfortunately my Dad passed a way at the young age of 62. However my Mum is still alive and just celebrated her 91st birthday, she lives in a care home close to our yard so that I can visit regularly. While I have quite a large extended family they have moved all around the country / world and mostly lost touch. Probably one of the reasons why our close friends become so important.


My first pony was Nicky, a grey part bred welsh who had an incredible ability to rear full height. When I asked my parents if I could have one that didn’t rear, my Dad said that I need to learn to ride first and needed to make my own pony rather than buying a ready made version. (which with hindsight is exactly the opposite that I now advise my clients!) My absolute passion from the outset was Working Hunter and Eventing. I was a member of West Lancs Pony Club and Longton Riding Club and I worked my way up through the eventing levels and reached Intermediate with a fabulous little horse called Wilma that I bought with my winnings and a bit of help from my parents who at this point were more on board. In order to train and study for my BHS AI I moved to Sue Dutton’s eventing yard in Bolton and I worked, trained and competed for several years before being headhunted by a certain Bob Templeton. Bob had been showing stock and as they now had a riding school he wanted to start to showing ponies, however he needed someone who would teach the children to ride the ponies that they were going to show in the ring.  I moved to his yard in Hambleton and the Templeton Show Team began alongside what would turn into my life long career.


It is very easy doing this job not to make time for anything else. I suppose Fiona has taught me that getting away and doing different things is important as we can then come back to the business fresh and ready to commit 100% of our time and energy. I took up skiing at the age of 46 and while I do not attest to be Lindsey Vonn, I really do love the lifestyle and the freedom of the mountains. I am actually a terrible swimmer but after several trips to the Maldives I now adore snorkelling and unlike Fiona am not bothered by the sharks, eels, sting rays that we are swimming with. Recently we swam with giant whale sharks in Mexico which was an amazing experience. At home though my spare time interests aren’t probably quite so adventurous- I love cooking and eating out and really enjoy gardening, in fact one of my favourite places to visit is Chelsea Flower Show. Im not really big into television but I would happily watch the racing all day and if we won the lottery a racehorse would be one of my first purchases.


Name –Julie Templeton  (What a stupid question!)

Age – 56

Where are you from – Lancashire

Dream Job ?

Not this one just now!! Probably a Michelin starred chef.

Favourite Show?

  Royal International

Favourite holiday or best place you have ever been? 

Probably Song Saa in Cambodia

(Fiona- ‘Thats what I said’. Julie ‘Oh I thought you would have said Breckneridge’  Fiona – ‘I said that too’.’ )

If you were allowed anyone in the world (alive or dead) to join you while we are on lockdown, who would you pick?

My Dad

If you were to be a cartoon character which one would you be?

Road Runner

Favourite music / singer?

I like Frank Sinatra because my Dad did and I like Robbie Williams.

Name 3 things you would like to do this summer?

Chefs table at Adams with good friends (again), stay positive and keep fit and healthy.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Make people disappear (not all people obviously!)

Interesting fact people may not know about you?

I have got my PADI Scuba diving certificate!

Finally what do you think is in outer space?

Not aliens thats for sure! Planets.

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