Lots more shows on run up to the RIHS.....

Lots more shows on run up to the RIHS.....

Its been a while since last write up but we havn’t been sitting around sunbathing, golfing or watching a certain football tournament,  we have actually been showing, showing, showing. So in brief heres a few of the highlights…..

Millie and Greendown Mandolin have been pulling off perfect show after perfect show, including some eye watering gallops but have just been narrowly missing out. However it was to be their day at Staffs Country Festival when they won the HOYS 122 Show Hunter Pony class and collected their ticket and Millie’s 4th!! Grace and Scalacre Eclipse were unlucky in the 133 Show Hunter class finishing 2nd on joint marks, however her luck changed in the HOYS 143 Show Hunter class, which was a really large class and they finished 2nd also, however this time in qualifying position, securing their HOYS ticket. Milly and Broadgrove Family Silver were having another little outing and they too finished a credible 2nd in the HOYS 128 Show pony class. then Despite everyone being absolutely soaked when a monsoon hit Fieldhouse Equestrian, Millie finished the day off in style with her signature gallop in the Championship to secure the Reserve Champion Hunter Pony rosette.

Our overnight  24hour stint to Scottish Horse Show was a little disappointing, with Victoria and Bella executing beautiful shows but only finishing in 3rd place. However Amy, who had hitched a ride with her middleweight hunter did make the journey home a bit easier when she secured her HOYS ticket with a win.

Our youngest jockey Millie has been notching up really good placings in massive classes with Woodend Marigold, she again finished in 3rd place at Stoneleigh horse show and then was pulled top in a class of 48 at Great Yorkshire, however a little blip in the middle of the show meant they were rightly dropped to 5th- however there was a consolation prize on this occasion… Camilla met Camilla. (Millie’s full name is Camilla) So Millie and Julie  got the privilege of being presented their rosettes by the Duchess of Cornwall and got a  lovely photo, what a precious memory to have of your first year showing! (Fiona was very jealous at home!!)

Day 2 at the Great Yorkshire in baking heat and Harriet and Chaseford Actor were having a little pre RI run out and finished 2nd in the HOYS lead rein, then Bella once again in the HOYS First Ridden gave another super show and this time was in the right position, finishing second and in qualifying spot. Bella was so happy that she actually cried in the line up – even though she refutes this. Well Done Bella, thoroughly deserved and it just goes to show perseverance does pay off! HOYS Team Ticket 15!!

So we are now prepping for our last outing at TSR before heading down to the Royal International Horse Show. Wishing everyone the best of luck competing there and remember to enjoy the experience!!

Lastly Happy Birthday to Gill, who we are getting to see tomorrow for the first time since we all went on our skiing holiday a few weeks before the lockdown in March 2020- think a few glasses of fizz will be consumed to celebrate.