our new website

Well it has been a bit of strange start to the year. We had all the plans in place for the season and when we set off to Onley for BSPS Area 6 and Area 17 little did we know that they would be the last shows we would be attending in some time.

So lockdown is upon us and while we appreciate that for a lot of people it is awful being isolated and being stuck at home in an abnormal environment, we do feel in the quite privileged position that the yard is running pretty much as it normally would, only a scaled back, quieter version. With all the additional time on our hands we decided to be proactive and do something worthwhile. So the result is our new website.

Many of you may remember years ago when we used to have a website which was incredibly popular and we used to do a blog (in the days before it was called a blog!) However Facebook and other social media sites took over and ‘to blog’ was the norm as opposed to the unusual.

For sometime we have been toiling with the notion of how appropriate it is for us as a Team to post our successes on Facebook and have judges, other competitors, show organisers, owners etc comment. Hence we made the decision last year to come off social media other than for sales or to do with the stud. That meant the need to start the website again in order that we are able to showcase the team and the ponies and reinstate our blog (which from now on will be called news ) However it is no mean feat to build a website from scratch, especially when you don’t really know how to. We had started in 2017 but the task was so daunting it was put on the back burner. So this whole situation we have found ourselves in meant that we actually now had the time to devote to it and has meant we have learned a new skill- website design!

Thank you to all the kids and parents, staff and others who have contributed so generously to the content. Despite it being a very long task we are delighted with the results and hope that you all enjoy enjoy exploring the site – if nothing else it will fill in some time in relatively empty days just now.

Stay safe everyone.

Julie and Fiona