North Region Showing Championships......

North Region Showing Championships......

We really knew Autumn had arrived when we loaded up the wagon in the freezing cold and pitch black in the early hours of Sunday morning to head to the North Region Showing Championships at Alsager Equestrian. As per the norm- we were in the first and last classes of the day.

Unfortunately Harriet, the youngest member of the team had the coldest conditions as she was in the ring first in the Tiny Tots Lead Rein class with Chaseford Actor. However they notched up yet another win and claimed the Best Turned out award. It was then Florrie’s turn on Brookwater Tom Thumb in the First Ridden and they too won their class. It was head to head again in the Championship and with Florrie beating Julie so far 3 to 2 this season, she was trying to ease even further into the lead. However today was to be Harriet’s day collecting the Championship and another sash. This also meant that the Julie versus Florrie competition is now standing even at 3 all.

Millie was next on Springwater Angus and was having her very first try at Novice Small Breeds. We were absolutely delighted with how they went and although Angus did look a little surprised to be catering on the go round, they gave a lovely show and finished 2nd.

We then had a VERY long wait until the start of the afternoon classes however by this point the sun was shining and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

During our long wait we decided that we were going to take the turnout competition very seriously, so much so that Kirsty actually drove back home to wash Florrie’s jodhpurs before her next class. We think that possibly Florrie and Millie thought the adults had lost the plot a little as we all fussed round them in an attempt to get the turnout perfect. We did explain that in the ‘old days’ tack and turnout was actually a class but it was a little bit like explaining that in the old days we didn’t have mobile phones!

Anyway next in the ring was Millie and Field Aston Royal Fanfare in the Part Bred, who gave a great go round and show – no blips at all today and won their class and the turnout prize! Florrie and Whiteleaze Debutante were then into the Novice Show Pony class and it was a shame that she was the only one in the class but we were very pleased when the judge allowed her to have  bit of a school in the ring as Ruby was convinced there was a monster behind the hedge on the go round. She won the class and the turnout prize! Into the overall show pony championship and Florrie stood Champion with Ruby and team mate Millie in Reserve spot with Poppy. Well done girls.

Straight after the Show Pony Championship we had 10 minutes to get the girls ready for the Supreme Turned out competition which was generously sponsored by Show Pony prep. We had told the girls that they really had to try hard, stand the ponies up correctly at all times and smile at the judge- Millie took this to new heights and we were all literally crying with laughter outside the ring. But clearly the smiling actually helped as Millie took Supreme Turned Out and got a lovely sash. Who knew that Tack and Turnout could be such fun!!

However it was then onto the slightly more serious Supreme Championship in which Florrie and Whiteleaze Debutante finished Reserve Supreme of Show.

Thank you to the organisers for putting on such a lovely friendly show with a good selection of classes.

We all had a really great day and our Team defiantly went home with sore cheeks from laughing so much!!