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Stevie has been our farrier for over 20 years and knows the showing industry incredibly well having previously competed from lead rein through to horse workers. He left school at 16 and went to Hereford college of Technology to do a Pre Farriery course, shortly after that he completed a 4 year apprenticeship with Steve Crompton Dip WCF completing in 1998. That same year he went on a 3 month exchange to the USA, spending time with many farriers across New England. He has returned many times since to visit his farrier friend Alan Caswell CJF and his family in Vermont. In 2015 he returned to education and enrolled on the University of Central Lancashire’s Diploma of Higher Education (Dip. H.E.), farriery course at Myerscough College. Not happy with that he was so keen to learn more that he then undertook a BSc (Hons) Farriery course and  graduated last summer, 2019, with first class honours and was presented with the course award for student of the year.


Name –  Steven Smith  Age – 44 Where are you from – Wirral, Cheshire Dream Job ? Farrier! Favourite Show?  Royal International Horse Show

Favourite holiday or best place you have ever been? 

Vermont USA

If you were allowed anyone in the world (alive or dead) to join you while we are on lockdown, who would you pick?

My partner Anna and my three girls Jessie, Polly and Betsy.

If you were to be a cartoon character which one would you be?

Woody from Toy Story

Favourite music / singer?

Name 3 things you would like to do this summer?

Go to Vermont, go to the New Forest and carry on shoeing horses

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

To be able to fly.

Interesting fact people may not know about you?

After I completed my apprenticeship I went on a farriery exchange course to the USA.

Finally what do you think is in outer space?

other planets with life on them

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