getting to know

The Pongs


By Fiona

Back in 2006 Julie bought me a chocolate labrador puppy for my Christmas and she has been my shadow ever since. We called her Kate Kong as she just looked like a little King Kong gorilla. However after arriving back in the house after what had clearly been a very exciting trip onto the muck heap, Julie said ‘Oh my goodness she absolutely stinks, she shouldn’t be called Kate Kong, she should be called Kate Pong’ And the name has stuck ever since.

In 2009 Kate give birth to quintuplets and our good friend Julie Cook decided that it would be hilarious to announce their birth in The Times. However Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail saw it and ran a small column which then went viral!!

Kate Pong made the front page of every local newspaper. The Sun came to the yard and photographed us and we were even invited onto the Tyra Banks show in New York as one of the puppies was called Tyra. Obviously travelling to New York with a chocolate labrador and 5 newly born puppies wasn’t ever going to happen but it was lovely to be invited! Caitlin kept Tyra.

Kate had a second litter and so we could continue her breeding line we kept one and called her Kit Kat (this litter were all themed on chocolate bars) Dunk had one from same litter called Picnic.

Then to continue the line,  Kit Kat had 2 litters and from the second litter we kept one again. My gran had just passed away days before the puppies were born so we didn’t go with a theme we just went with her name – Connie . (Or Constance Mary Ann)

Ever since Connie was puppy we have taken her in the horsebox with us and now we literally cannot start the engine up without her waiting at the door to get in. She never misses a show (except HOYS) and even goes in wagon when its going for diesel.

Unlike the other two she is incredibly fast and very strong. One day Grandma Janice offered to hold her at the side of the ring while we were all busy. Connie saw another dog and took off and we turned round to find Janice face down and Connie galloping across the showground.

The Pongs antics over the years have been extensive, including Kate and Kit Kat stealing the uncooked Christmas turkey off the units whilst we were out mucking out on Christmas Day and ate nearly the whole thing. We had a vegetarian Christmas!

Over the years they have devoured countless things that they weren’t allowed, including a giant easter egg. A full box of Ferreo Rocher including the wrappers and on a couple of occasions rat poison after the rat man had been (those were expensive vets bills!)  Anyone who has come to the yard knows that if they leave their wagon doors open any food will disappear and to date we haven’t had a member of staff who hasn’t had their lunch taken at some point. However the common theme is that they are never sick or sorry with any of it and at 13 Kate is still going strong and only last week stole Julie’s mushroom risotto off the island and ate it before Julie got back to the kitchen!

They are greedy, incredibly loyal but are also great guard dogs which you may not expect, especially Kit Kat who presides over the yard like it is her kingdom and only allows people in she actually likes….. Unbeknown to us the window cleaner arrived whilst we were on the yard and started cleaning the house windows. Kit Kat clearly thought he was trying to break in and wanted to protect us and stood at bottom of ladder barking at him. He said he was up there for an hour (we think he was exaggerating) but he never came back.

The Pongs – they are legends


Name – Kate, Kit Kat & Constance Pong 

Age – Kate 13, Kit Kat 8 and Connie 3

Where are you from – Newport, Shropshire

Dream Job ?

Kate – a chef

Kit Kat – a restaurant critic

Connie – a lorry driver

Favourite Show? 

Kate- any with a burger van but I’m not allowed to shows because Julie once took me and I went to the toilet in the secretaries tent and Julie said never again!

Kit Kat- probably the International cos David is there.

Connie- definitely the International as I get to run round the camp all week and everyone feeds me.

Favourite holiday or best place you have ever been? 

When we all went Glamping in Wales

If you were allowed anyone in the world (alive or dead) to join you while we are on lockdown, who would you pick?

Well whoever would feed us the most

If you were to be a cartoon character which one would you be?

Kate – Winnie the Pooh

Kit Kat – Officer Dibble

Connie – Scooby Doo

Favourite music / singer?

Kate – Dolly Parton

Kit Kat – anything from the Greatest Showman

Connie – Ariana Grande

Name 3 things you would like to do this summer?

Have lots of BBQ’s and long sunny days and have a giant gravy bone delivery. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Be invisible because then we could do whatever we wanted and no-one could see us

Interesting fact people may not know about you?

Kate – For a long time I was ranked No 1 on Google as Kate Pong, however now a lady called Kate Pong from Hong Kong has overtaken me.

Kit Kat – The only food I don’t like is cucumber

Connie – When I was a puppy I used to really enjoy gardening

Finally what do you think is in outer space?


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